his 5th in the of the , he in his Instagram Story he’s coming out with something new: “Sick news tomorrow!” Just now, the DJ has revealed what’s coming next: his very own city tour, travelling with the ‘Bus of Brutality.’ 

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Radical Redemption’s big night with his own Brotherhood of Brutality event is just over and he already announces new upcoming solo events: “The Radical Redemption City Tour is coming. Let’s get that ‘Bus of Brutality’ on the road!”, the hardstyle producer posted on his socials. With a bus, especially for his city tour, he travels from city to city to bring his music to 6 clubs in 6 different cities in the Netherlands and Germany.

Starting in Hamburg, Köln and Berlin, in clubs which hold already several successful harder styles events in the past, Radical Redemption then continues his tour in the Dutch cities Zwolle, Arnhem and Den Haag. Younger “Radical” fans, who often miss out on his performances, can look forward to the tour as well since it also includes two 16+ parties. Check out the city tour dates down below.

This is the Radical Redemption city tour

07.02.2020 Docks Club, Hamburg

14.02.2020 Bootshaus, Köln

15.02.2020 A Seven Club, Berlin

20.02.2020 Hedon, Zwolle (16+)

21.02.2020 Luxor, Arnhem (16+)

22.02.2020 Paard van Troje, Den Haag

“The Radical Redemption city tour is coming. Let’s get that ‘Bus of Brutality’ on the road!”

Ticket sale for Radical Redemption’s city tour starts this Saturday, 16. November at 12:00. Artists who support him in the specific clubs haven’t been announced yet, but keep an eye on Radical Redemption’s socials to stay up to date about upcoming information.

Footage via Facebook page Radical Redemption

Source: Hard News


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