year’s For in the Live, it was announced that the next edition will take place again this December. Just now, the End of Line DJ published the first video, but do we see there a second person who got added to the event? 

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The first edition of Warface’s Live For This event last year was sold out with many big names were on the line-up. Among others, End of Line DJs D-Sturb and Delete were playing in the AFAS Live. The evening got shut down with hardcore by N-Vitral, Deadly Guns and Sefa. And as a surprise, Warface dropped a physical album right before the event.

There are only three months to go until the event and Warface just published a teaser video on his socials. In this video, he looks back to the first edition of Live For This and looks forward to the upcoming one in Amsterdam. And at the end of the video, something striking seems to be happening: a second, unrecognizable person appears on the screen. On the internet are different names going around, such as E-Force (from their former, collective act War Force), D-Sturb, Delete and Deadly Guns. But who this is and what it means for the event, is not known yet.

Who’s the second person in Warface’s Live For This teaser?

The Live For This event will take place in the former Heineken Music Hall on Saturday, 21st December. The ticket sale starts starts on 3rd October at 19:00. For tickets and more information, visit the official Live For This website.

Footage taken from Facebook page Warface

Source: Hard News


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