As Australia’s number 1 trance DJ, has become synonymous with a sound and a feeling that has electrified crowds worldwide. The Dutch-born and Australian raised Hoogstraten has constantly evolved his own “ sound”, cementing his reputation as a genuine musical powerhouse and turning him into a globally in-demand DJ and producer.

Over the last few years MaRLo has really stepped it up a notch, he started his own concert-style events named “Altitude” which have sold out in every city is has appeared. Around 15000 people attend the Altitude events annually, and plans are in the works to expand them to bigger venues and in more cities around the globe. In combination with the massively popular events, he also launched his own label “Reaching Altitude”, a sub-label of the legendary Armada Music, and is dedicated to recognising and nurturing the next generation of talent. He has one of the busiest touring schedules of any artist, playing extensively throughout the world at events like Tomorrowland, A State Of Trance, Ultra Music Festival, EDC, Creamfields, Transmission, Waterzonic, Springwave, Summersonic, Electronic Family and Beyond Wonderland.

Even with his packed schedule, including planning for the upcoming Festival X, MaRLo was able to take a few moments to sit down with OzClubbers and have a chat.

Thanks for taking the time to chat. You recently finished a number of Australian shows for your Altitude 2019 tour, how was that? Were there any stand out moments?

Yeah I did Altitude in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. They were absolutely incredible, the response and vibe at these shows are second to none… absolutely amazing. The biggest moment was when I played ‘Lighter Than Air’ that song has been blowing up this year over in Europe and it was cool to come back to Aus and see the whole crowd singing along and everyone got on each other’s shoulders, it was awesome! On a production front, the Enough echo synchronisation was really cool. The lasers, lights, FX and visuals were all pre-programmed and in synch which looked really cool.

Vital & Mysteryland in one day. How did that come about and how on earth did you pull it off?

I just finished 3 weeks of Altitude shows and I flew over to Europe just for the weekend, which was intense. I did Creamfields (UK) on the Friday and then Mysteryland (Netherlands) and Belfast Vital on Saturday. I hadn’t done Creamfields in a couple of years, and I’d never played Mysteryland or Vital before, so It sounded like it was a good idea to fly over just for those shows. It ended up being a super epic weekend, so the flights were well worth it. I basically was prepared not to sleep much… and slept on the flights.

You recently finished a fairly comprehensive tour of China, how did you find the scene there compared to Australia? Any moments during the tour that will remain with you for a while?

China is awesome to play at. They seem to have clubs pumping seven nights a week! It means you can visit a lot of cities in a short space of time and meet lots of passionate fans from around the country. The highlight for me was having my wife Jano sing live with me at all the China shows. She sounded great!

August was a massive month for you, including playing Timmy trumpet’s stage at Creamfields. Is it nice collaborating with fellow Sydneysider’s on the international stage?

I’ve known Timmy a long time and see him around the world at festivals a lot. Our schedules seem to cross over a lot with the big festival circuit and European summer shows. It’s always good to hear that Aussie accent whenever you’ve been away a while.

Are there any releases on the horizon we should keep our ears pealed for?

Yep! Lots. A few more vocal tracks and of course the Altitude 2019 Anthem ‘The Power Within’ which will be out in the first week of October.

What can fans expect from your set at Festival X?

Banging beats for your feet and plenty of epic hands in the air vibes and sing-along moments!!


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