In just a few months Festival X will hit the summer festival circuit in Australia with show’s planned for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The event is shaking things up with it’s exciting blend of electronic, urban and pop genres and the promise of some pretty epic production.

An impressive line-up of international artists will come together with some solid homegrown talent and the inclusion of Cosmic Gate on the line-up will no doubt have Australian fans frothing.

In a recent , OzClubbers spoke to the Grammy nominated trance legends about their latest album, the progression of their sound and what we can expect from the upcoming Festival X shows.

The mixture of genres and artists involved in the festival was a major drawcard for the German duo who’ve seen their fair share of festival formats.

“We love that Festival X is taking things back to the way festivals used to be. Different genres of electronic artists alongside bands and other artists.” said Bossi.

2019 has been a huge year for Gate and marks 20 for the duo as Germany’s most enduringly successful electronic act.

January saw them receive a Grammy nomination for their remix of  “Garbiel & Dresdem feat Sub Teal – Only Road” and they kicked of their anniversary tour on NYE here in Australia.

In August they dropped the anniversary album, Forward Ever, Backward Never and fans are sure to get a taste during their Festival X sets.  

“We’ll be focussing on tracks from the album which is really clubby but also well suited to festivals.” Said Bossi.

The album highlights their constant push to keep evolving the project and keep their sound fresh.

“If you listen to our albums, you’ll notice that about every 2 years we change. We push our standards, switch up things in production, add different influences.

“Music changes and we change our personality. It’s important for art to always push limits forward and it’s important for us to push the scene forward.”

Masters of taking tracks from the past and remixing them with a fresh edge, the latest album treats fans to both new music and classic tracks.

“This album is new music and features tracks that really inspired us. We love it!

“We did remixes with friends such as Andrew Bayer and we also did our own versions for the fans, so this is a really nice album.”

The 20th anniversary compilation pays homage to the journey of the project and the progression from hard trance to today’s more progressive sounds.

“It’s important for us not to be boring. We change things because we don’t like doing the same thing over and over again. We did hard trance in 2000-2001 and then we stepped away and others took over.

“No disrespect but a lot of these guys are still sounding the same in 2019. This is not something we want to do.

“We have a cosmic gate handwriting and it’s not about the style, progressive or melodic or instrumental. They’re all different, it’s the handwriting that is the essence.”

This year the duo celebrate 20 years together and Bossi admits they’ve had two or three celebrations to mark the occasion. He credits the longevity of the project to growing together despite not being friends when they started Cosmic Gate.

“It was a different development to others coming together to do a track and being buddies already,”

“For us it’s all about the project and not individual egos, if one of us isn’t happy with a track, we don’t do it.” he says.

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