Deetox her EP of ‘Revival’ is released. By that The Queen of Raw closes a chapter of her life, personally as well as in terms of career.

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“Over the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to go with my career, what Deetox actually stands for. Therefore I’ve had to make some important decisions going forward.”, she wrote on her Instagram account. “One of those is that this EP will not only be the final EP of the Revival project but that it will also be the final release at my own label, Bring The Riot.⁣”

Bring The Riot was founded in 2017 and since then released several tracks of artists like Delete, MYST, Clockartz and of course label lady boss Deetox. She made sure to add that it has been fun and challenging working on the label. She gave thanks to everyone who had been working with her over the past years, with a special reference to all the artists who released their music on Bring The Riot. “Letting go of the old makes way for the new.”

Deetox: “At this moment I’m just working hard on new music”

So, what does that mean for her upcoming releases? Sooner or later we will find out. “At this moment I’m just working hard on new music.” To stay up to date, keep an eye on Deetox’ Instagram page.

Footage taken from Facebook page Deetox

Source: Hard News


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