In just over a year, Aussie newcomer Lockdown has created an almost cult like following. Highly energetic and with an addictive sound, his music hooks you from the moment you first hear it. His shows are nothing short of theatrical and audiences can’t get enough of his mask wearing on-stage antics.

“It’s essentially an alter ego, if you’ve seen the movie Jim Carey movie, that is 100% me,” says .

As his profile and gig bookings continue to increase tenfold, fans are describing him as one of the most entertaining acts on the Australian circuit. To add to the rave reviews he’s currently promoting the #1 hit ‘Helpless’ and is in the middle of a sold out tour.

While he candidly credits his initial start to having the right people do him some favours, he also credits his focus on writing music.

“As I wrote more and more music, the fanbase just got bigger and bigger and the show’s started coming in themselves,” he says.

He signed with That Sound Agency and today he continues to dominate with heavy hitting basslines a tour schedule that isn’t easing any time soon. He describes the evolution of chart topping ‘Helpless’, which was originally meant to be a minimal dance .

He released the song through Australian underground music label Hungry Koala Records – who we love because they feature a koala on their logo like us!

“I found myself experimenting with electro leads, then adding some techno elements to give it a hybrid feel,” says Lockdown.

“I was over the moon when I saw it’d entered the charts at #15”.

“I was even happier to see it jump 5 spots a day, until it eventually hit #1”.

Lockdown has also released the ‘anti-plur’ track – Plur Genocide with music industry heavy weights Carnage & Steve Aoki and has another big collab planned with global sensation and fellow Aussie Uberjakd.

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