Octopus Sian his debut on mau5trap earlier this year, but he’s already making huge waves on the label. His first stamp on the Canadian imprint was Ultraviolet 1.0, a six-track EP that was released in May. Not long after, he’s followed up with the second installment in the Ultraviolet EP series, featuring three tracks: “Planets,” “Opium,” and “Nitro.”

Like in his first EP, the skilled artist demonstrates his mastery of the shadowy realm of electronic music, taking his listener through an eerie jungle of industrial, electro, and experimental elements. His sonic presence is commanding, instantly drawing listeners in with pounding basslines and impeccable sound design.

In addition to his slew of new releases over the past few months, is also touring with the mau5trap founder himself. Catch opening for deadmau5 on The Cube V3 tour Sept. 20 and 26 and Oct. 11-12. Tickets still remain for the Oct. 12 stop in San Jose; get yours here.

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Source: Dancing Astronaut


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