It has Q-dance, of the ID&T , 50% of the shares in Art of Dance and agency Most Wanted DJ. Art of Dance and Most Wanted DJ will keep working independently within the ID&T group.

Wouter Tavecchio, CEO of ID&T and Q-dance founder: “This is a very important step to Q-dance, with which we want to strengthen our market postion in the Netherlands and expand. Art of Dance is, just like Q-dance, an organisation that has been there from the beginning and has evolved into a professional and successful brand throughout the years. They are on the same level Q-dance is, and we can reinforce one another in a lot of different ways.

Matthijs Hazeleger, CEO of Art of Dance: “We are looking forward to continue the good collaboration that started with Dominator. Of course we will use Q-dance and ID&T their international network to improve our own events, joined artists and of course the visitors’ experience. As a part of a bigger group we will strengthen our position in a competitive market. ”

Q-dance is taking over 50% of Art of Dance & Most Wanted DJ

So from now on, Q-dance officially owns 50% of both Art of Dance and Mosted Wanted DJ Agency, two organisations that will continue to work independently within the ID&T group. ID&T organises over 80 events per year, that attract no less than 1 million visitors.

Footage via Vincent van den Boogaard


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