up to “BLITZKRIEG,” an , bass house driven track that shows the successful merge of an established household name and a rising . This track features massive leads as well as drum and bass inspiration that is going to have festivalgoers headbanging. blends riddim, bass house, and drum and bass seamlessly to create a track offering a wide range of sounds certain to surprise any listener. 

Nazaar is the name of up and coming Arab DJ/producer, which is derived from the URDU word “Evil Eye.” Evil is the perfect word to describe the El Paso-based producer’s dark and devilish melodies which are also influenced by traditional Arab and Pakistani styles. Nazaar creates some of the most intricate, dynamic, eardrum-shattering synths as he climbs his way up the bass ladder. His production level is only getting better as he continues gaining traction.

Connect with Carnage: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud

Connect with Nazaar: Facebook / Twitter / SoundCloud


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