cut me off and me , VOX a 12 on the ingredients that make a classic house track. The video is an insightful timeline of how the genre sprouted out of Chicago, not only going into detail about the drum machines and vocals that helped house get established, but also the events that shaped it.

I think most dance music heads will learn something from this video. I for one didn’t know about the infamous ‘Disco Demolition’ night that took place before a game of baseball in Chicago. The game was eventually abandoned, after the field was mobbed the field, inciting a riot. This incident is pointed out as a catalyst to how Chicago’s musicians would reinvent dance music and create house. Frankie Knuckles later dubbed the birth of House Music as discos revenge.

The video does a break down of all the different things needed to make a house track, from powerful diva vocal samples, to the heaviness of the Roland TR 909 Drums and the acid samples of the Roland T 303 synthesiser. Each ingredient is told with it’s history. Fantastic stuff!


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