Ascendant his ear for dance sound on his latest single, “Let Me Go.” The track enlists the vocal capabilities of featured artist, Desanka, who shows off both the range of her voice and the purity of its tone on the cut. The synergy between Desanka’s vocal and the sweeping, ascendant arrangement of Varvaro’s progressively leaning production is audible, and creates an almost palpable sense of electronic energy that powers the song.

The melodic chord progressions that fluidly guide “Let Me Go’s” mounts signify one of the tune’s strengths, as do its lush breakdowns. Ironically enough, Varvaro accidentally devised “Let Me Go’s” melody. “I had actually come up with the main melody of the track by mistake,” the producer told Dancing Astronaut. “It sounded really nice, and I slowly added different synths and it just naturally came together.”

Once the electronic framework of the song was in place, Varvaro forwarded the nascent production to Desanka. “I knew her voice would work really well in this key and would infuse some pop energy into the record,” Varvaro said. Desanka promptly sent a 30 second demo back to Varvaro, and would later go on to write the lyrics that form the narrative of “Let Me Go.”

The momentous showing is but one example of Varvaro’s musical acumen, and follows his prior single, “Notebook,” released in May.

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