the up as the of two diplomats.

Tri-lingual rap Gabe ‘Nandez has (July 23) dropped his debut album, Diplomacy.

The album explores the rapper’s experiences growing up as the child of two diplomats, living in UN outposts shattered across the globe in Haiti, Jerusalem, Tanzania, and New York. The project’s 14 tracks were mostly produced by himself – he even plays all the instruments heard throughout the album.

Diplomacy is out now. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


01. ‘Diplomacy’
02. ‘Great Ones’
03. ‘The Return’
04. ‘Escondido’
05. ‘Singularity’ [Feat. Chester Watson]
06. ‘Cain’
07. ‘No Remorse’ [Feat. Haute]
08. ‘Grams’
09. ‘Lil Bro’
10. ‘Scroll’ [Feat. Ibekelia]
11. ‘I.D.’
12. ‘Noob’ [Feat. Dev]
13. ‘Riot’
14. ‘Let Go’

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