“As you , not the , the technical needs to be automatic…As you evolve and gain experience, you learn all about the crowd – and that’s what matters.”

Change. It’s a challenge most producers face. How do you evolve as an artist without abandoning the fan base that loves your sound? It’s a frightening proposition and one that EDM legend Nicky Romero documented in his 3-part documentary “Redefine.” The series focuses on the evolution of his sound throughout his prolific career as first a DJ, then a producer, and now a media mogul.

The first episode recounts his past. Nicky walks us through his humble beginnings as a DJ and his introduction to electronic music production. From handing out water backstage at local clubs to be closer to the DJs to attending mini-festivals to gain inspiration from fellow up-and-coming artists of the time. It also serves as a high-level technical lesson on the details and challenges of music production from one of the best in the business.

It’s way more than a laundry list of accomplishments – it spreads an authentic and positive message to viewers that now is the time to begin creating whatever it is they want in life, to always “Redefine” themselves and to share their Redefine Statements with others on the website nickyromero.com.

Nicky also just debuted the touching, feel-good music video to his “Love You Forever” with Stadiumx and Sam Martin, which centers on three different stories with the common thread of how small acts of kindness can truly change a life.



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