Türküm a a thunderous debut album that is as heavy-hitting as it is deeply personal and poignant. The 11-track album, “Anti-Sober,” is an exploration of his years-long struggle alcohol. Locked in a battle of ego and excess, the album represents his downward spiral and eventual redemption for the troubled and talented producer. Over the course of its 26 minute run time, “Anti-Sober” runs the gamut of human emotion, from fear, anger, loneliness, sadness and finally hope, all through richly produced soundscapes and a cinematic filter. Packed adrenaline-laced highs and somber lows “Anti-Sober” ebbs and flows while it builds and drops. From the intensity of “Beast” and “Power” to the frenetic aggression of “Your Heart,” the album’s front half is not for the feint of heart. A clear manifestation of his anger and addiction. The second half explodes the highs of his redemption.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, Turkum changes his sound on the album’s second half. Closing tracks “Starlight” and “Treat Me Right” brighten things up with upbeat vocals and classic house melodies that end things on a literal high note. The album itself is an honest portrayal of the ups and downs of artistic pursuits, giving a peak into the psyche of a producer caught in the grips of a crisis — and his eventual re-emergence into the light.




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