New is iX . He and has taken the east coast by storm. Every once in a while an artist comes along that creates something so fresh we can’t help but take notice. In the New York underground, he has a solid fan base which has given iX the foundation to start touring around the country. He recently played the Yonderville festival in West Virginia and is finally heading to the West Coast, to play the H<3rat Beats official Shambhala pre-party alongside Stylus, Pigeon Hole, and Charmae in Portland, Oregon. 

Take a listen to his unique worldly soundscapes and breakbeats that will transport you to another dimension. He is unafraid to go way outside the sample box with birds chirping and babbling brooks and his tunes have a drum beat that leaves you in delightful anticipating before falling into some dirty bass drops. In all honesty, the world that comes to mind when listening to iX is “beautiful” the music is simply that.

Get your ticket to see iX in Portland Oregon right here!


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