Hi, ive been doing this blog for quite a few back. it has been resting for 6-7 now ready to take shape again. I myself have been busy with studies. i have been study architecture for quite some now. however, i do still produce electronic music and techno in particular. therefore I dicided and thought to myself why not bring this blog back to life. I am super excited about this little adventure. Ill mostly be posting about techo still. lets see how it turns out. keep diggin heres 食品まつり a.k.a foodman at the Boiler Room. †’ TRACKLIST & DOWNLOAD HERE: http://blrrm.tv/aka-foodman†’ And go to boilerroom.tv for the best of underground music: videos, articles, mixes and exclusive tracks Yokohoma-based producer 食品まつり a.k.a foodman dropped by the New York studio for a showcase of his unique takes on footwork and beyond. peace!



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